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We focus on cash flowing and turn around self storage facilities in  and work with investors who want to earn higher returns.

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“I have been working with  for some time now, and have consulted with them on Multiple Self-Storage Projects. Their attention to detail, and unparalleled grasp of the industry has made it a joy to work with them!”

Prequalify The Asset

Potential Acquisitions must meet strict due diligence and investor suitability requirements.. Learn about our process here »

Assemble Funds


Qualified investors reserve positions by depositing funds into a “Holding Escrow” account until closing.

Asset Management


With a 3rd party Management Company, an immediate focus on improving operational efficiencies & revenue management begins.

“… Nearly 11 million Americans rent storage units each year…
…self storage is the number 1 ‘alternative investment”

Self-Storage rated as the #1 Alternative Investment by Bloomberg…

According to Bloomberg Markets, Self-Storage is “…the number one alternateive investment”.  During recent years, Self-Storage has seen returns in the TRIPLE DIGITS!  In 2014, the sector returned 483% to its investors!  Fueled by homeownership dipping to it’s lowest point in years after the real estate crash, and the increase in demand as Baby Boomers downsize, this sector is Red Hot!

So just how has Self-Storage become the “Cinderella” darling of Commercial Real Estate Investments? 

Here are 5 reasons to seriously consider investing in Self-Storage to bolster your investment portfolio this year and beyond… (read the full article…)

Invest in The Best Kept Secret in Commercial Real Estate – Self-Storage!

There are many ways to take advantage of the Red Hot Self-Storage market.  Acquiring properties yourself, and enjoying the benefits of owning Real Estate without all the hassles of tenants, toilets and trash.

Or, you can partner on projects with a proven team, like the one here at Self Storage Profits, Inc. We partner with investors seeking greater, and more predictable returns for their short and long term investing goals.

Learn how you can use a Self Directed IRA (SDIRA) or Solo 401k to invest in Self-Storage Facilities in this article on Blog

Often times there are improvements we can make to the property that will increase the value and bring the property up to it’s full potential. Some properties make sense to buy and hold as a solid cash flowing investment, and others we’ll resell for a profit.

The overall long-term goal of each project is the maximize the profit potential of each property and unlock hidden potential in self storage properties all across .

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